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Monoprofile Medical Simulation Centre

The Monoprofile Medical Simulation Centre (MMSC) has been open for conducting didactic classes since the 2021/2022 academic year. The classes which students attend there entirely in the form of simulation laboratories include the basics of nursing, physical assessment, basics of medical emergency, while with regard to their practical classes, a minimum of 5% of hours assigned to them is conducted in this way. The state-of-the-art equipment the Centre offers and innovative teaching methods it enables our lecturers to apply allow students to fully realise  the set learning effects. In addition, they can also acquire and hone practical skills, develop social competencies and gain experience in patient care in a range of clinical conditions.


The Monoprofile Medical Simulation Centre of Jan Amos Komeński State University of Applied Sciences in Leszno offers 7 functional and ultra-modern rooms of the total floor area of 551m2, which include:

  1. Nursing - room-high fidelity room offering the one-way mirror view.
  2. Objective Structured Clinical Examination room offering the one-way mirror view.
  3. Advanced Life Support simulation room
  4. Basic Life Support simulation room
  5. Room for nursing skill classes
  6. Room for technical skill classes
  7. Debriefing room