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Erasmus Buddy Scheme

Our University supports international students with its Buddy Scheme which facilitates their integration with the local and academic community and cultural adaptation to a new environment. Individually assigned buddies are Polish students who voluntarily supports Erasmus+ students from abroad in matters related to studying and living in a foregin country. A candidate for a study buddy should be a responsible, communicative and open-minded person who enjoys networking and meeting new people.

Study buddies are responsible for:

o Welcoming international student to Leszno, assisting them in matters related to the arrival, including assistance in accommodating students in the student dormitory,

o Guiding students around the city (Centertown centre, shopping malls, nearest shops, pharmacy, helping them to find necessary points of service or a surgery,etc.etc.)

o Assisting in matters related to studying, such as enrolling to the library, completing the documents necessary to handle various matter settle at the university,

o Helping with contacting UniversityErasmus and institute coordinators the International Office,lecturers, secretariats,ect.

o Assistaning in bank accounts, buying mobile phone cards, monthly public transport tickets,tickets on a city/town bus/train. 

o Informing about interesting events planned in the town and neighbouring regions,helping with organising events and integration trips for international students.