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Erasmus+ Policy Statement 2021-2027

The main tasks in the field of internationalization of the Jan Amos Komenski State University of Applied Sciences in Leszno for 2021-2027 are:

· to increase the mobility of students, lecturers and administrative staff,

· to activate new projects with foreign partner institutions,

· and to intensify activities concerning the digitization of education process and the flow of documents.

The university will implement these goals through the organization of international events, skill sharing, participation in trainings, multilateral projects and networks of universities, as well as through the active exchange of students and employees under the new edition of the Erasmus + Programme.

Jan Amos Komenski University of Applied Sciences in Leszno, through continuous development and improvement of the educational offer would like to become a university that attracts students not only from Poland but from all over the world. Therefore, we will intensify our efforts towards the harmonious recognition of learning outcomes or diplomas obtained outside the Republic of Poland and to provide integrated solutions in the field of student ID.

As applied higher education institution, we will also gradually increase student mobility based on the practice of recognized European companies and institutions. In addition, we will strive to develop blended or short mobility like Erasmus + Project Week, which allows not only to acquire knowledge, but also develop pragmatic and soft skills. We believe that mutual exchange of experiences will allow us to optimize human, material or financial resources, as well as to implement further solutions aimed at protecting the natural environment and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.

Jan Amos Komenski University of Applied Sciences in Leszno will guide the principle of equal access to education, regardless of gender, skin color, nationality or religion, and will urge to create favorable conditions to study for the disabled. Our activities will strive to develop further programs taught in English, which will definitely increase the number of incoming students to Jan Amos Komenski State University of Applied Sciences in Leszno as the part of the SM mobilities.

In the years 2021-2027, the new Erasmus + Programme will be promoted through proven forms of promotion (posters, announcements, information campaigns), as well as meetings with Erasmus and Erasmus + Program scholarship holders, who as ambassadors will familiarize students and staff with benefits of participating in the programme.

To ensure adequate promotion of the Erasmus+ Policy Statement, its text will be available to all students and university staff: on the university's website, on the information board of the International Office and university`s information materials.